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Never clean your stone with this popular product

We have noticed an increase in people coming to us with stone tile damage with no idea what has caused it. If the damage is located under windows, glass doors or in the shower, we have a good idea what the culprit is....vinegar.

With the growing popularity of natural cleaning products, vinegar is being used more and more to clean windows and bathrooms. Although very effective in cutting through grime, it's too acidic for stone tiles and will erode your shiny finish or leave unsightly marks.

Acidic liquids like wine, juice, and vinegar are likely to cause a chemical reaction when applied to your stone that can remove sealant, etch through the pores and stain the surface of the stone.

To avoid this, you should:

  • Immediately clean spilled wine, citrus juice or vinegar from floors

  • Put towels down around windows and glass doors when cleaning with vinegar

  • If you employ a cleaning company, make sure they don't use acidic products on your stone

  • Use these products to clean your stone safely

If you have already damaged your stone, don't worry, it can be repaired. Give Opiela a call and we can restore your floors for you.


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