One spill on unsealed stone and your floors could be damaged beyond repair. Call us today to seal travertine, marble, granite,  limestone, outdoor pavers and porcelain tiles.

Our sealers will provide a protective barrier that prevents staining and discolouration by reducing the absorbency of the tile. This will assist your floors to repel oil and water making daily cleaning easier and ensure they look new for longer. Learn more about the importance of sealing stone.


Stone Sealing

Sealing should be done immediately after installation by a professional that is knowledgable in all sealers and which will compliment your choice of finish and stone type. Opiela provides free consults.

Porcelain Sealing

It was once true that porcelain generally did not require sealing due to its low water absorption. However, different types of porcelain on the market have increased and there are now some porcelain tiles with higher absorption levels that would benefit from sealing. Call Opiela to test your porcelain tiles and advise on an appropriate sealer.