Do your tiles look dirty no matter how much you clean them? Do you want refresh and transform your space? We have the stone expertise to restore your stone so you will once again love your floors.

With 15 years experience, we have the skills and machinery to make your floors look like new and resist future stains. Our stone cleaning services include:  


Deep cleaning 

We start with an intense cleaning process utilising the best cleaning products for your stone type to remove built up dirt and grime. For daily cleaning tips, read this blog post.



Our sealers will provide a protective barrier that prevents staining and discolouration, making daily cleaning easier.  Learn more


Our machines will buff out any minor scratches and marks to provide a smooth or shiny finish.


Stone Polishing

If you have deep scratches or want a honed or high-gloss finish, we have grinding machines to provide a smooth stone finish. Learn more


To simply freshen up the look of your floors we can clean and regrout your tiles.

Stone Repair

Remove stone scratches, provide chip and hole repair with colour matching resin and replace tiles.

Sealing and buffing 2.jpg